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About Bespoke Infinite

How does it all work?

If you’ve just taken our quiz and would like to find out more, you may either read on to find out what Bespoke Infinite does for our clients, or write to us via email or text to share your preferences and interests.


If you’ve been browsing and thinking about having Bespoke Infinite create a bespoke itinerary for you, please write to us via email or text to share your preferences, interests, restrictions, and other details such as special requests, availability and budget. The Bespoke Infinite team will work on your bespoke itinerary with a quotation submitted alongside. Once details are final upon client’s review and feedback, payment is due. After payment is received, Bespoke Infinite will send across the contract of service and full travel details.


However, if you wish to purchase an existing travel itinerary from the website, you may add it to cart and make a deposit. After the deposit payment is received, the Bespoke Infinite team will be in touch for personalisation and a truly bespoke travel experience.



What makes Bespoke Infinite a compelling travel service provider?

The people behind Bespoke Infinite are exceptionally particular about the experience, and this is why our focus is on client success. Partners working with us have been handpicked and undergo stringent quarterly reviews that ensure consistency and quality of service.


We know how frustrating it can be to be faced with AI when a glitch presents itself mid-trip. Bespoke Infinite goes back to basics and puts the human touch back in service. A real and invested member of the Bespoke Infinite works on your itineraries and handles your enquiries and feedback, so you can be assured you will always be able to reach us.



How are Bespoke Infinite’s partners selected?
Partners are handpicked based on their quality and consistency of their services and products. Bespoke Infinite’s experienced staff selects and reviews vendors who align with our to provide a seamless, awe-inspiring, and personalised travel experience. Partners handpicked by us typically have unique offerings rarely found elsewhere. They’re reviewed on a quarterly basis based on feedback and reviews from both our customers and external sources to ensure they fulfil our standards. We also discuss with them quarterly how we can keep improving and better serve customers.



Who travels with Bespoke Infinite?

Travellers who want an exquisite experience that suits their every whims and fancies, without the hassle of the planning and arrangement for the trip. This includes recommendations and tips on what would be the most desirable itineraries or activities based on their preferences and needs with that personal touch to end it all. 



Will Bespoke Infinite book my flights too?

We do not provide this service at the moment. However, through third-party agencies, Bespoke Infinite is able to assist if necessary.



Will I be given a refund if for some reason, the activity/site planned in the itinerary isn’t available upon arrival?

Refund will be due if cancellation occurs due to legitimate causes/reasons, subject to terms and conditions stated in the service contract. Any activity/site in itinerary that becomes unavailable after the trip has commenced will be replaced by either an alternative, or as otherwise communicated to you as contingency that you have agreed upon beforehand.


How can I pay for my trip?

Here are your options:

  • Direct bank transfer to one of our accounts in Asia
  • Credit card payment through a secure and encrypted system (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal available)



Is there someone at Bespoke Infinite I can call in case of emergency?

Yes, there’ll be a single point of contact. Contact details will be disclosed in the confirmed and final itinerary.