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3N Wellness Package in Amatara, Phuket


A representative of Bespoke Infinite standby to welcome you at Phuket Airport and is pleased to introduce Amatara, Thailand's premium destination spa, provides you with everlasting moments and an experience like no other. Located at the majestic Cape Panwa, Amatara offers the best coastal view in Phuket. Surround yourself with the calming tranquility of Andaman's blue seas and endless sky with the 180 degree sea view available only at Amatara.

The Amatara experience is a personal journey to your most vibrant self. Its holistic, professional, 'middle way' approach to wellness means that you can enjoy the journey while achieving the results you seek. As the first and only luxury destination spa in Phuket, Amatara offers all-inclusive programs; spacious, beautiful accommodation, organic, wholefood cuisine tailored to your health goals, and personalized wellness treatments and activities.

Whether coming alone or as pair, Amatara's peaceful setting and exceptional staff provide the perfect environment for you to achieve a high level of inner peace and wellbeing on all levels.

Wellness Consultant

Detox Retreat Program at Amatara

The detox program gives you a chance to experience your most energized, most radiant self. This is a luxury detox retreat that includes a specific detox diet plan, and key detox treatments, heavenly massage, and supplements to facilitate the detox process.

Why detox?

We are all exposed to toxins in the air, in our food, and in the water we drink and bathe in. While these are often in minute amounts, toxins gradually accumulate in the body over time, which can result in us feeling heavy, sluggish, uncomfortable, and lacking in energy.

Detox allows the body to ‘clean house’. By resting the digestive system and supporting the major organs of elimination, namely the bowels, lymphatic system, skin, kidneys and liver, the body naturally releases stored toxins that have accumulated within the tissues.

Massage & Yoga

Benefits of this program

  • Feel lighter and more energized
  • Kick-start weight loss
  • Improve metabolism
  • Clearer skin
  • Reduce appetite and food cravings
  • Improve digestive function
  • Reduce inflammation in the body
  • Refresh the mind, release stress

All detox retreats include:

Accommodation per your selected category
Round-trip airport transfers
Full board, 3 healthy cuisine meals per day or set detox program
Individual wellness consultation (60 min)
Departure consultation (30 min)
Blood pressure check up
Physical analysis (30 min)
Thai Hammam journey (105 min)
‘Chi Nei Tsang’ detoxifying abdominal massage (60 min)
Colon Hydrotherapy (60 min)
Detox support supplements
Amatara Massage (75 min)
Daily Yoga Class
Daily Infrared Sauna