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Golfing: Relaxing and networking in Hua Hin

Posted by Jasmine Tan on

Golfing: Relaxing and networking in Hua Hin

Since the 1920s, Hua Hin has been the apple of the royalty’s eye when it came to retreat locations, and now, the Royal Waiting Room meant for the king that is worth a look-see remains.  


Geographically blessed with natural rock formations, lush greenery, and topographic contours a nature lover can only dream of, it’s not hard to see why Hua Hin is a choice holiday spot for the blue-blooded in the past, and now, anyone who can afford to visit. With great scenery comes the fresh air and lovely weather, all perfect for playing a game of golf. Because it is a niche that Bespoke Infinite believes is still often overlooked and underserved, with our expertise in curating itineraries that cater to unique preferences and interested, we would be honoured to plan a ladies' golfing trip to Hua Hin when borders open – we look forward to curating the most suitable courses, clubhouses, cocktails, and care at the hotel for those keen to travel with us.  

Besides leisure, because Hua Hin facilitates the sport of high society, it is also a destination for regional businesses conferences. As with individual clients, Bespoke Infinite is also able to plan the itinerary for travellers who seek refreshing forms of recreation during business trips. Think the beach, magnificent caves in national parksrolling hills, and even a Chopstick Mountain or Khao Takiab with a hilltop temple. Thanks to the sheer size of Thailand, and in this case, Hua Hin, there are infinite possibilities.  



Bespoke Infinite curates the vacation of your dreams, fuss-free. The traveller embarks on anexperience with a bespoke itinerary built according to his or her every whim and fancy. The possibilities are infinite – be it dinner on a river cruise or a surprise visit to the safari, Bespoke Infinite realises travel fantasies one bespoke itinerary at a time. 


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