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Where the cool kids live when they visit Thailand

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Whether for the 'gram or not, accommodation can be a huge part of a holiday for some. Across Thailand, there are many hotels that offer remarkable, memorable, and absolutely photogenic stays, and here are just a few Bespoke Infinite appreciates. 


The Memory at On On Hotel 

Once upon a time, a night at the Sino-Portuguese style On On Hotel cost merely eight tenths of a baht. On On Hotel has stood the test of time and become a symbol of simpler times – and it helps that the space is a quaint, rustic one. Today, On On’s guests would experience life in one of Phuket’s most prosperous eras when mining reached its peak. Located in Phuket Old Town and a 20-minute drive from Pa Tong Beach, the charmingly old-school hotel was made famous after it was featured in Hollywood hit The Beach (2000) in which young Leonardo DiCaprio starred.  

The rooms here range from four- to six-bed dormitory rooms to private ones with an en suite bathroom in each, and larger suites. The Memory at On On Hotel makes a stylishly immersive yet affordable stay for those seeking unorthodox lodging. 


Bangkok Tree House 

The Tree House is not for everyone. Consider this a warning from the too-cool-for-school solar- and wind-powered establishment. Bangkok Tree House insists on preserving the insects and animals in the vicinity. Even with mosquitoes, they explain that the gentle river breeze should ameliorate the problem. In public spaces of the hotel, there’s no air-conditioning as well, and again Chao Phraya should provide enough breeze and ventilation.  

Created for the more adventurous, the House boasts outdoor showers in most “nests”, which are really three-storey cubic rooms. In each of them, there’s a bathroom on the first storey with a outdoor bamboo shower, while the bedroom and balcony are on the second storey. Right at the top, guests can lounge on the sunbed alfresco while enjoying the view and breeze of the river. 

Located in Bangkok’s Green Lung, Bangkok Tree House would be a great fit for those who thrive amid nature and love plants, uncommon small animals and insects such as some birds, fireflies, cicadas, butterflies. 


River Kwai’s Floating Hotel and jungle rafts 

Located in the south eastern region of Thailand, this novel River Kwai hotel offers to transport guests to the middle of waters. At this tranquil jungle raft resort, guests can explore nearby caves and waterfalls via canoes or elephants and enjoy the thrilling yet peaceful surroundings that have so many surprises in storeInteracting with local Mon tribe people who live in a traditional Mon village a walking distance awayappreciating their ritual dances, and partaking in local customs are also activities that are encouraged here as part of an immersion in authentic Mon culture.  

To spruce things up even more around the floatel, there is no electricity, hence no internet connection and hot water. However, mobile signal is available. Built with local bamboo and teak, the sturdy establishment thankfully has other amenities to offer to make the experience just as rich and interesting: a restaurant, a cultural theatre and a Thai relaxing massage raft, all afloat the river.  


With Bespoke Infinite, travellers can, in their preferred ways, take a closer look at the people, their culture, and their way of life in this part of the land of smiles. To Bespoke Infinite, details matter. Even if little things go unnoticed most of the time, they're essential to us and we want to deliver a smooth and pleasant experience throughout. Take a quiz to find out the hidden gems of Thailand you probably never heard about but would utterly enjoy. Otherwise, simply email Bespoke Infinite and share your preferences and interests – we will be in touch to help curate your next bespoke travel experience. 


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