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Beach honeymoon long overdue

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Beach honeymoon long overdue

The travel ban has been in place for months now. Stay one step ahead and plan your long overdue beach honeymoon or lovers' retreat so you can simply plug and play when borders reopen. 

Although better known for beaches typically packed with tourists such as mainland Phuket and Pattaya, one of Thailand's better kept secrets is its pristine sand and sea offered by places like Koh Samae San and the the Similan Islands.


Koh Samae San 

On your way to Koh Samae San from mainland Pattaya, an uninhabited four-kilometre-long island blessed with flourishing forestation, imagine clear blue waters and a pristine beach, and you’ll soon see them right ahead. Open for only three years now, Koh Samae San is a new beach destination thankfully still untainted by tourists and enjoys maintenance by the Royal Thai Marine Corps. Since it is also an eco-tourism spot, visitors take responsibility to clean up after themselves when they are on the island. The azure playground is not only great for diving and snorkelling, it is also home to plenty marine life including coral reef and fish. Opt to have seafood for lunch at a local restaurant on the gorgeous beach.

The island puts a strict cap on the number of visitors allowed, so Bespoke Infinite does only bookings in advance for customers opting for this visit.


Similan Islands

Numbered north to south, one to nine, the islands form a national park in the Andaman Sea. Coral reefs in the turquoise waters, sparkly white-sand beaches, and bamboo bungalows are just a few beauties to behold while traversing the nine islands Close to the Burmese border, Richelieu Rock offers one of the world's rave-worthy dive spots and whale shark territory (best during February-April).

The Islands are closed to tourists May through October. As Bespoke Infinite works with trusted partners on the Islands, it'd be our pleasure to help secure bookings.


For a truly bespoke travel experience, Bespoke Infinite is here to help put together your dream vacation. Just get in touch with us and make memories together. 

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