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5 Essential Items for Every Trip

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5 Essential Items for Every Trip

If you are like me – a worrywart who packs and unpacks multiple times in the days leading up to a trip, this might be a helpful list for you!

What I’ve learnt from the last few years of travelling is that every trip is different, yet the basic necessities are pretty much the same. Here’s my list of 5 must-haves that are almost as important as your passport.

  1. Wallet
    • This is the most basic of them all. You need some cash, your cards and some form of identification in here. Cash for small purchases and places that do not accept cards, and cards for large purchases or if you prefer not to carry large amounts of cash. This is especially important to me, so anything I may have forgotten to pack, or lose on the way can be replaced. It would also be good to carry some home currency too, just in case.
  2. Electronics
    • Your phone. Your laptop, if need be. Your chargers!
    • Phones are a no-brainer. You’ll need it to communicate, navigate, and capture memories. And for some, if there wasn’t a photo on social media, did you even travel?
    • Personally, I wouldn’t bring my laptop unless the trip is at least 2-weeks long. Even so, I brought my laptop on a 2-week holiday in New Zealand last year and didn’t even take it out of my bag! However, you might want to bring yours if the nature of your work requires it.
    • Chargers for every electronic device you bring. This is important because it is expensive, and not always the easiest to find! Plus, you don’t really need the second one when you’re back home, do you? I forgot to bring a cable for my iPhone once and paid S$30 for one in Australia. Nope, never again.
    • Power banks. If you rely on your phone for everything, please get yourself one because we really wouldn’t want the battery to die on you in a foreign land.
  3. Travel Adaptor
    • Along the lines of price and availability as the chargers above, you really need this. Get one or two of the international ones so you can reuse them on every trip. To reduce the need for multiple power adapters, consider spending a bit more to get the ones with USB ports. Some corporate events give these out as door gifts so keep your eyes peeled!
  4. Medicine
    • Access to medicine is different in every country so bring your own! Just pack your own essentials and always check local regulations regarding bringing personal medications into the country.
  5. Miscellaneous Pouch
    • There are a few bits and pieces of items which I felt was important enough to be in this list so I put them all in a miscellaneous pouch. This is really subjective to every person so I’ll just share what’s in mine.
    • Wet wipes and a pen because you never really know when you’ll need them. Lip balm, hand moisturizer, tissue packet, and an emergency snack.

So that’s it. My list of 5 travel essentials. This is by no means an exhaustive list and may not apply to everyone but it’s a good starting point!

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